Top 20 electronics companies in India

Top 20 electronics companies in India

Top electronics companies in India

#1 Havells India Ltd

This one is easily recognised because of its growth and value. The company has made spectacular progress in recent times and is currently listed as a billion dollar operation. The areas in which Havells is an expert is that of the production of power distribution equipment. As you can appreciate, once power is generated, being able to distribute it throughout the country is a key installation. Havells have a strong work history in this field. These are generally large projects so if working projects on a grand scale appeals, this is a company worth investigating. Top 20 electronics companies in India.

#2 Aar em Electronics

This company is also known as Champion UPS which is an acronym for Uninterruptible Power Supplies. The company began in 1989 and has been manufacturing power related electronics systems throughout this time. Any company which uses a powerful word like uninterrupted as part of its name is obviously a company with high and exacting standards.

#3 Bajaj Electronics

This company has been in business for more than 70 years and is now one of the biggest companies with the most popular brands in all of India. The size of the company is impressive with about 20 offices in different parts of the country. It specializes in half a dozen specific areas, viz. Fans, Lights, Luminaries, Appliances as well as Engineering and Projects. Looking at a greener planet, the company has developed use of power saving lights.

The sheer size of this company should appeal to potential employees simply because it is so large. But do not make the mistake of under preparing. Make sure your application and presentation (if you get the opportunity) is first class. Plenty of employee opportunities – certainly – but also plenty of applicants just like yourself. Top 20 electronics companies in India

#4 Midas Communication Technologies

They are the leading provider of wireless services in India. It has been a leading player in this field for many years. They offer services in GSM related solutions as well. The company began in 1994 and was set up and still operates in Chennai. Wireless technology has made rapid progress in recent time but has also a long way to go. If this field of electronics appeals, here would be a great place to start.

#5 The Kirloskar Electric Company Limited

This company began many years ago in 1946 and deals specifically with transmission and transportation. Other areas in which it has an influence include power generation and renewable energy. Despite its longevity, this company is up to date with trends in electronics as seen in its approach to developing new, cheaper and better forms of renewable energy. It is also prolific in that it produces almost 100 different products.

When a company has longevity and a powerful catalogue, it deserves to be taken seriously. It has such a range of products and such a long history, this company may well be on your radar.

#6 Jabil Circuits

This has become so successful that it produces electronic products not only for people in India but also abroad. It has been in operation for more than half a century and deals with the production of equipment used in health care, energy, the automotive industry and energy. The success of the company has seen it expand and its head office is now based in Florida in the USA.

If you have the travel bug, working for a company with overseas postings could have an enormous appeal. You could start working locally then make your move when the right opportunity comes along.

#7 Bharat Electronics limited

This is unusual in that it is not a private enterprise but rather part of the government. Being government owned gives it certain kudos and it has continued to grow since its inception in Bangalore in 1954. Today it specialises in medical and defence electronics. This is not unusual as it began life as part of the Ministry of Defence. There is certainly more security in working in a government owned enterprise. Top 20 electronics companies in India

#8 Honeywell or Hail (Honeywell Automation India Limited)

They provide software solutions for use with electronics. HAIL is a leader in its field with 9 offices spread around India. It has a massive turnover and as such could be considered a Fortune 500 company. Students’ interest in software development will find Honeywell an ideal potential employer.

Being so big does mean a greater number of employees. Sometimes moving within India to take a job might be a wise move.

#9 3M India

This is another fast-growing company operating in a variety of areas including automotive,, health care and electronics. They make a variety of electronic products which are sold around the world. A typical example being the privacy filters which are found in desktop and laptop computers.

#10 Amara Raja Batteries

This is a particularly interesting electronics company. With the world fixated on finding a better and cheaper battery, especially for the automotive industry looking to reduce our reliance on oil. More importantly, these batteries have the capacity to provide lighting for people in remote and outlying locations. These batteries are a life saver in many situations. Graduates looking to explore employment in ground-breaking discoveries will find this company and others like it, a real challenge.

#11 Centum Electronics

It has made solid progress in growth and development since it began in 1994. It began in and is still based in the city of Bangalore. Centum Electronics produces material and equipment which are sold around the world. It deals primarily with the medical, telecommunication, space and defence industries and the job opportunities it offers are many and varied.

#12 Philips Electronics India

This is not just one of the largest operators in the field of electronics locally but in the world. The name Phillips has been associated with lighting, lights and lamps for decades. Like so many other electronics companies, Phillips is trying to create a better product. They push hard to create innovations and are always looking at reducing the costs of production. Phillips has a genuine commitment to green energy and strives to produces equipment which is both super effective and, at the same time, friendly to the environment. Would be employees would do well to consider this highly successful and worldwide company.

#13 Exide Batteries Limited

This is one of the biggest, some would say the biggest, makers of car batteries. In fact 50% of cars being driven in India today will have an Exide battery powering the vehicle. If you are looking for a company which has a brilliant future, look no further. This is a perfect example of how a company can achieve greatness simply by building a better battery. Top 20 electronics companies in India.

#14 Bosch in India

Bosch is a name well known around the world. Bosch has been creating and providing electronics to the automotive and entertainment sectors for generations. The brand is known worldwide. Next time you see a Bollywood movie, there is a good chance that Bosch will have contributed in some way to the success of the movie. Some graduates may wish to work in a small startup and try their luck at designing or building something unique in the world of electronics. Alternatively this is a company with a massive workforce and thus with massive work opportunities for the right person.

#15 The Samtel Group

Samtel is perhaps most famous for producing the colour TV monitor in India. They do much more than that of course and today their display monitors for computers and their TV tubes are lighting up devices all over the country.

#16 O.E.N

OEN has made a name for itself producing electromechanical products. It owes a lot of its growth to the fact that it serves a number of different industries. It concentrates on certain specialist products and delivers them to the car industry, to consumer electronics and to instrumentation. Graduates looking to concentrate in one or more of these fields would do well to consider O.E.N.

#17 ABB India

This company has the distinguished honour of providing the lighting for the recently build longest road tunnel in India. You can imagine the difficulty of the project and the necessity of using quality material and expert knowledge. They also worked on a metro rail project. So if electronic engineering in a variety of interesting locations appeals to you, this company could well be worth a further look.

#18 Surya Roshni Ltd

This is a leading company in producing green energy products. Leading politicians in India have long been speaking out in favour of environment friendly lighting. This company has made LED lights a key project. If you’re keen on helping the Planet, this company might well be for you.

#19 Sterlite Technologies

This company will appeal to electronics graduates who are interested in the Internet and the cabling and other technologies used to make the Net operate. Optical fibres and data cables used in the 3G and 4G networks throughout India have been supplied by this company. This is the sort of company which looks to ideas and products which revolutionise the industry. Are you up for that kind of a challenge?

#20 Compton Greaves or CG Power

They have made a name for themselves in the making of ceiling fans. Hot weather and India go hand in hand and a good working ceiling fan can make life bearable. These are the Top 20 electronics companies in India.

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